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Welcome - Come Ride With Us!
We sanction long distance competitive trail rides and clinics for riders of all equine breeds and disciplines. We promote safety, sportsmanship, education and trail horse care through qualified evaluation of horse and rider by veterinary and horsemanship judges, in a fun, responsible family environment.

Quarterly Standings
1. The point standings below are subject to change with the year-end audit.
2. Memberships for the year must be paid before November 1, or points will be forfeited.
3. Not all rides that have been completed through May 7th are included. Only rides for which paperwork has been received and processed by National are included.
4. "B" rides count as (.5) of a ride.
5. Please email any questions to and include "Points" as your subject.
Open Horse
Open Horsemanship
CP Horse
CP Horsemanship

Attn: Newbies - Check out our Ride & Clinic Schedule to find a clinic near you!

For Your Review - Rule Change Proposals
Please review these carefully and let your region's representatives on the national board know if you are for or against and why. These changes have to do with adding a supporting membership, combining unfilled weight classes, any day DO, stabling, time penalties, sweepstakes awards, weight classes in CP, junior and CP national championship requirements, when CP is offered, and adding a Type C entry level introductory ride category. At their July meeting, the board will decide which rules will move forward for further review and for a vote in November.

Raffle Winners - Congratulations to Becky Rogers ($500 Riding Warehouse Gift Card Winner), Jim Miller ($300), and Donna Dandy ($200). They and their horses may be sporting new duds this ride season!
Total mileages through 2017 are here!
Horse (1,000 miles or more)       Rider (250 miles or more)
These mileages can also be found under the tabs "Rides" "Nat'l Awards".

President's Cup Acceptance Speech

Meet our National Winners.

Free Memberships: Click here to join!

MEMBERS! A flyer for posting in your area is available for download. Please forward it to your horsey friends, print and post it at feed stores, tack shops and elsewhere, and even post it on your Facebook page or blog! Anyone who has never before been a member of NATRC can take advantage of this offer. Cannot be combined with the 3-yr membership discount.

Riding Warehouse Offer CONTINUED! In addition to the 10% discount on your purchases at Riding Warehouse, NATRC periodically receives a check for 5% of member purchases. IMPORTANT: Contact our Executive Director, Sarah Rinne, to get the member discount code.

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